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So ready for a rest.

So I just got off the phone with my mom.  We're trying to plan my Mamaw's 80th birthday party... shhhh! It's a surprise!  I'm going to be going the invitations, the video and probably some picture boards.. at least. 

I can't wait until school is over with for this semester.  It's going to take everything I've got to churn out all these papers and study for all these tests.  Plus the house is a mess and I have no one to help clean it. :(  Maybe one day David will get off his ass and do a little work... yeah right!  Well, hopefully I can afford a maid one day and I don't have to worry about him being lazy or me being too busy.  I guess we'll see.  Work is boring and its hard to stay focused.  I wish I could just go to school and not work.. HA! Yeah right, but it would be nice. 

David just found out today that his brother's fiance is pregnant.  Great news I hope.  They were supposed to be getting married anytime now anyway, so I'm sure its not that big a deal. 

I also talked to the recruiter at 610 Magnolia today and I sent her my resume.  Hopefully David will get another job soon so I won't have to work two.  I guess we'll see.  I want to rest and enjoy my summer.  I don't want to have that time taken away from me too. 

So, I guess I'm going to get back to work now so I can get out of here on time.  I have Spanish homework and two papers to write that are due on Thursday.