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Not sure how much more I can take...

So, I came home from work today around 9pm the house was still a mess.  Not a single bit of cleaning or anything had been done.  I am so tired of carrying the entire load all by myself.  Its not fair and it's not what you do when you love someone.  If I had been out of work for a week, the house would already be clean and I'd probably be painting.  I would at least help him with his papers or studying, which  he's never done for me.  God, I'm so tired and frustrated.  And I can't even yell at him and release my anger because even when I bring up that he's not helping, or state my grievances, he says I'm being rude or mean when i'm not at all.  I've never yelled at him or called him names or anything like that and we've been together for almost a year.  But why should I have to go to 16 hours of school, work 40+ hours, including overtime so we won't go broke, write paper after paper, study for exams, take care of the dogs, the bills, the house, the grass and everything else with not help while he barely works or goes to school for the whole time we've been together and now he's been sitting at home everyday all day for over a week doing nothing, contributing nothing, but playing games... is that what I want to commit myself to the rest of my life?  Its only going to get worse, men never change, they only get worse as they get older.. plus they find out what they can get away with.   :(

Any who.... somewhat good news.  I talked to my advisor a bit today and went through my school transcripts and graduation requirements since registration is tomorrow and I think I'm right on track with school, without too much left to go.  I made an appointment with her tomorrow after class to discuss it and make sure I'm getting it right.  The last thing I want to do is to take classes that I don't need that work me to death.  

I'm pretty worried about Spanish... I'm not doing so hot in there, I think I have around a 75%.  Basically my grade will ride on my final for the class. If I do well on that, I could be okay.  The sucky thing is, I'm not even sure I'll walk out of there with a C, much less the B I want as a minimum.  So even if I do superbly in the rest of my classes, I won't end up on the Dean's list this semester.  

I have two papers to write that I haven't started that are due tomorrow morning, so I have to run.  Lets hope I can do this, and well at that, and lets hope tomorrow starts looking better.